Premier Events Planning by JDC
Premier Events Planning by JDC
JD Hill has been specializing in Public Relations and Event Planning for over a decade. She began her career as a consultant for both corporate and individual events . She brings a personal touch to a technology driven world. From the start, her passion for events planning grew and it became a part of her. Her work in the corporate world also covered public and media relations. She has developed extensive experience in corporate event planning and press conferences.

JD creates a enjoyable experience for all of her clients by providing dedicated and exceptional service. She applies the personalized touch, creating each event with a unique and sophisticated style. JD’s attention to detail and her up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends and styles make for a distinctive experience. JD will give you the ability to enjoy your events while knowing that all the important details will be attended to, at the highest level of quality.
  • Save time in negotiating for the best value
  • Highest quality for the most rewarding experience
  • Consistent attention to detail
  • Total assurance of a good location and ambiance
  • Guarantees peace of mind, time, and the best choice
  • Events by JDC will do all the necessary research, preparation and planning to give you the most care-free and enjoyable experience
JD Hill has a degree in Business Administration. She also has extensive sales and marketing experience and training. She recieved a certificate from UC Berkeley in Sales and Marketing.
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Premier Events Planning By Jahan D Hill